Why are some groups in the building sector repeated?

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Roberto Ortega 4 years ago created
Hello, I have some questions about the following groups:

EG020100 Building - Finishing materials
EG020150 Building - Fastening material and tools (incl. consumable material)
EG020200 Building - structural steel and profiles
EG020250 Building - chemical products
EG020300 Building - Roofing materials
EG020350 Building - Facade cladding
EG020400 Building - Wood and plate material
EG020450 Building - Civil infrastructure
EG020500 Building - insulation material
EG020550 Building - stone and roof tiles
EG020600 Building - system floors
EG020650 Building - Bagged products
EG020700 Building sector - other

Why do they have the "Building" prefix? Because there are other groups of building materials which do not have the "Building" prefix, and which seem to overlap in some cases:

EG020300 Building - Roofing materials
EG019610 Roofing materials

EG020550 Building - stone and roof tiles
EG019510 Tiles

EG020200 Building - structural steel and profiles
EG019710 Profiles

It would be great to understand the difference and know why the groups with the "Building" prefix were created.

Thanks very much,

Marc Habets 4 years ago created
Hi Roberto,

That is sort of a heritage from the Dutch project to define ETIM for Building products. They made these groups to structure their work in parallel with expert groups involved in the development. But some of these products already were present in the ETIM model for HVAC and Sanitary. Like roofing, roofing in bitumen is (from history) part of plumbing. Tiles are used in bathrooms etc. So we need to do some cleaning up to merge overlapping groups together. But since groups are not a key element in the ETIM structure it did not have priority yet.
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