Wrong port number for MC000110:EF010860 Lr2?

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Ronald Muller 2 years ago created
Product Class ETIM-8.0:MC000110 has feature EF010860, Lr1 and Lr2. For Lr2 the port number is 0. I assume this is wrong and should be 2?
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Marc Habets 2 years ago created
No, the port code is not wrong. The drawing code Lr2 might be a bit confusing here, but is usef for consistency with other classes. See for example https://prod.etim-international.com/CRL/modelling/MC000123.pdf, The size Lr2 is not directly related to a connection and therefore has been assigned port code 0.
Ronald Muller 2 years ago created
Nevertheless a remark. This is indeed confusing. Normally, when a feature (code) is used several times within a MC product class, it is used for different ports (which makes sense and is far more elegant than separate features for every port, "Connection 1", "Connection 2", ...). The drawing labels are consistent with this principle.

The (currently) only feature where this is not the case is ETIM-8.0:EF010860 (in classes MC000110, MC000115 and MC000129). For all other features used more than once in a MC product class, port number > 0 and the port number is consistent with the drawing label.
Marc Habets 2 years ago created
These remarks and suggestions for improvement should better be shared directly with ETIM NL, since they will have to enter a change request if they agree that it should be changed. You can best contact @jeroenvanderholst
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